Andrew Trask

Andrew Trask

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First Name * Andrew
Last Name * Trask
Username * trask
Country * USA
City Dallas
Nationality English
Languages English





I currently work at Cinema Design Group, Int'l as Creative Director. I have two main roles at the company: I create 3d renderings for the custom home theaters that we design and manufacture. My other responsibilities are to create content for all marketing and advertising materials (website, brochures, identity, etc). My passion is the rendering.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas with an Associates of Applied Arts in 2002. My major was 3d modeling with a minor in pre-vis. I've always had strong free hand skills and love to draw. I started working for Cinema Design Group in late 2002 in Dallas as a 3d artist. In 2005 the company relocated me to Boca Raton, FL. In 2006 I was promoted to Creative Director and have enjoyed the responsibilities ever since.

Other than honing my 3d and graphic design skills, I have had a chance to have an increasing role in designing the theaters that we manufacture and install. It has allowed me to expand my awareness of design and use that extra ounce of creativity to overcome restrictions that the physical world brings to the table.